Indeed Job: work everywhere

by pcgame

Indeed Job Search is a handy app which understands that looking for a job is a regular part of life for many people in today's world. Its purpose is to make job-hunting as simple and painless as possible by giving you access to reams of local job listings, tailored to suit your personal talents and experience.

Job Hunting Made Easy

Indeed Job Search has access to the comprehensive Indeed search engine, which in turn draws upon literally thousands of company websites and similar resources. There are millions of jobs listed here - and the app is designed specifically to make searching through them easy for you. Who knows? You may just find your next employer here!

Indeed Job: work everywhere

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License: Free
OS: Android 9.0
Downloads: 61K
Language: English
Version: 10.5
User rating: 6/10   (15 votes)
Languages: English, Norwegian, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Turkish, German, Chinese, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, Danish, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Finnish, Arabic

A Simple Way of Searching for Jobs

The Indeed Job Search is set up so that you simply need to all in two fields to start getting results: 'what' is where you enter your desired job role (for example, sales assistant) and 'where' is were you name your ideal location (for example, London). You will then be given all relevant job offers that exist within the Indeed database. From here, you will be able to access the individual job listings and send your CV and other relevant information to the respective employers. This could be the start of getting your dream job!